Frequently asked Questions

Q: Will the OA accept a STCW First Aid certificate to comply with OSR Category 1?

A: The OA will accept STWC 95 First Aid Training complying with A-VI/1-3 Elementary First Aid or higher STCW or an RYA First Aid Course.

Q: Will the OA accept STCW Sea Survival training to comply with OSR Category 1?

A: The OA will NOT accept STCW 95 Sea Survival training. As per the advice of World Sailing, the STCW course is a commercial ship qualification and therefore does not contain sailing related items and recreational safety equipment. The OA will only accept an RYA/World Sailing approved Offshore Safety Course.

Q: Is Iridium Go acceptable to comply with the AZAB NoR and OSR category 1 to meet the satellite phone requirements?

A: The AZAB technical Committee has considered the technical specifications of the Iridium Go system and consulted with the RORC and has concluded that the system does NOT meet the requirements stated in OSR 2018/19 3.29.03 b:

‘One hand held satellite telephone, watertight or with waterproof cover and internal battery’.