Frequently asked Questions
Question: Does the Triangle race in June 2018 on the entered boat with the same crew count as qualification?  The Torquay to Ireland leg was over 300 and Ireland to France over 300 miles. My crew may do just one AZAB leg.  I have two others in reserve for the other leg, otherwise, I’ll do it solo.
Answer: Yes, you can use one of your Triangle race legs as a qualifying passage for your boat, crew and yourself.

If you were to change crew or go single handed on the other leg you would then need another passage that complies with the NoR with either, your crew for that leg or single handed dependent on your decision.

Question: Our yacht has only one water tank, but with one electric and one manual pump for delivery.  To comply with the requirement for separate water tanks, we are proposing to carry additional drinking water in bottles (about 36 litres – 1.5 litres each based on 12 days passage), …….as the emergency drinking water (OSR 3.21.3).  Is this acceptable?
Answer: Water tanks: OSR 3.21.1 Requires a divided, permanently installed water system and delivery, so bottled water does not comply.

A 25 litre water container secured to the boat in a permanent way with a manual pump would meet the requirements.

Question: Reserve navigation Lights (3.27.3). Our yacht’s primary navigation lights are a tricolour at the masthead.  Separately we have bow and stern lights on the pulpit and pushpit respectively, supplied through a separate switch unit.  Would you confirm that the pulpit/pushpit mounted level lights can count as the reserve?
Answer: OSR requires the spare navigation lights to be powered independently of the yachts main power supply. Battery operated lights can be used.
Question: Our AIS aerial is a Vtronix Heliflex stub antenna mounted on the pushpit.  During an ocean trip I have been confident ships could see me (a couple of them called me up at a range of over 5 miles; I could them out to 20 – 30 miles).  Therefore, before we change aerial (and mount on pole), we are wondering whether we could have a concession for the current AIS aerial arrangement.
Answer: AIS aerial. The OSR must be met and we cannot give concessions for this.
Question: We have a pre-2012 storm sail, never used but it is not orange. Are we still able to use this?
Answer: If the storm sail is pre-2013 then it does not have to be a dayglow colour. The material must still comply.
Question: The boat I am using for the AZAB has a storm jib that is virtually unused……… made for the boat in approximately 2000. The OSR Category 1 requires that storm sails purchased after 2013 shall have a highly visible colour (e.g. dayglo pink, orange or yellow). The sail that I have is purple, but I am assuming that, as it was made prior to 2013, it will still be acceptable. Can you confirm that my assumption is correct please?
Answer: If the storm sail is pre-2013 then it does not have to be a dayglow colour. The material must still comply.
Question: Will the OA accept STCW Sea Survival training to comply with OSR Category 1?
Answer: The OA will NOT accept STCW 95 Sea Survival training. As per the advice of World Sailing, the STCW course is a commercial ship qualification and therefore does not contain sailing related items and recreational safety equipment. The OA will only accept an RYA/World Sailing approved Offshore Safety Course.
Question: Will the OA accept a STCW First Aid certificate to comply with OSR Category 1?
Answer: The OA will accept STWC 95 First Aid Training complying with A-VI/1-3 Elementary First Aid or higher STCW or an RYA First Aid Course.
Question: Is Iridium Go acceptable to comply with the AZAB NoR and OSR category 1 to meet the satellite phone requirements?
Answer: The AZAB technical Committee has considered the technical specifications of the Iridium Go system and consulted with the RORC and has concluded that the system does NOT meet the requirements stated in OSR 2018/19 3.29.03 b:  ‘One hand held satellite telephone, watertight or with waterproof cover and internal battery’.